Bath Coaching Café

We’ve been providing popular coaching workshops in Bath since 2009 and now do some events in Bristol too. We offer great evenings where you can meet like-minded people – whilst also working on getting more out of life with our coaching exercises and tools. If you want to receive events info by email, just use our Contact Us form to join our mailing list. You can also join the ‘Coaching Café Club – Bath & Bristol’ Meetup group to find out about additional events, including Street Wisdom walks.


Next FREE Bath coaching workshop – Monday 21 November 2016 / 5.45-7pm / ‘Breaking the Worry Habit’

Constant worry can sap our energy and make us feel tense. Explore why you worry and learn ways to start changing your worry habit for a more positive perspective on life. Our free taster workshops offer the opportunity to try some practical exercises, discover some insights, meet others interested in personal development and take away resource/tips sheets too. No booking required – just turn up at 5.45pm and join in. Venue: Boston Tea Party, 8 Alfred Street, Bath BA1 2QU.


Courses (for small groups):

Boost Your Self-Esteem & Feel Happier – one-day course / (Next course) Sat 18 February 2017

Access a more confident and happier way of living. Learn proven ways of  ‘dialing down’ negative tendencies, increasing self-esteem, improving relationships, coping with challenges and moving into a more relaxed way of being. This life-enhancing small-group course for 6 participants is run regularly and gets good feedback from participants. Your course leader is Sophie Williams, personal development coach and founder of Bath Coaching Café. The venue is in Bath.  See more on our Workshops page.

Coping with Change – one-day course / Saturday 4 March 2017 (new date)

If you’re facing any life change that feels challenging or stressful – such as the end of relationship or job, the impact of a significant birthday, health issues, an empty nest or caring for ageing parents – this course is for you. A one-day small-group course for 6 participants to address change, loss, starting over and new beginnings. We’ll be looking at the psychological impact of coming to terms with new situations and what can help during this process. The venue is in Bath.  See more on our Workshops page.


Our café workshop venues:

We hold our free events in independent cafés in Bath and Bristol as we like to support local businesses.



If you’d like to get email alerts when new events are scheduled, use our Contact Us form to ask to be added to our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter via @BathCoach to find out about our free workshops and for helpful tips for positive change. You can also email us via our site’s Contact Us page for any further queries about events, courses and one-to-one coaching.

We also publicise our events via MeetUp, and various online listing sites, including www.feelgoodbath.co.uk (Bath’s health, fitness & wellbeing site).


You can read a summary of our previous events in the News & Views section.


We can offer free workshops to charities, so please contact us if you’d like us to run a session for you. We can address themes such as motivation or goal-setting, or can tailor a session to meet your specific requirements. Just email us using the Contact Us form.